Slate/Tile Roofing

History. Properly installed and maintained, slate and tile roofs can (depending on the variety) provide 150 years of service. There are slate roofs in Europe that have lasted hundreds of years.

Maintenance. The best tile and slate will crack or come loose under various circumstances. It is important to catch these problems as they occur and repair or replace them as soon as possible so that further damage does not occur. The resulting damage caused by water infiltration can be extensive.

Planning. Whether new construction or historical restoration, the first and most important step is accurate diagnosis and planning by a slate and tile roofing professional. Slate and tile roofs have unique characteristics and requirements. Inappropriate repairs done by roofing professionals who do not have expertise in this area can cause more problems.

Materials. All slate and tile roofs are not created equal. Using the appropriate materials is critical in installation and repair. Slate comes from quarries all over the world, each with its own characteristics. Slate is also available in different thicknesses. A variety of sizes of slate can be used on one building to achieve the desired appearance. Tile is manufactured in a wide variety of styles and colors. Roof tiles vary in configuration, material and color. Some buildings may require the use of vintage slate or tile.

Environmental impact of natural slate. In addition to the longevity, a good quality slate roof will provide. Producing, installing and maintaining slate roof tiles has little impact on the environment. "Harvesting" natural slate for use in roofing requires minimal processing. Slate is split and cut from open quarries. Slate requires no treatment other than the holes drilled for nailing. Slate does not release fumes into the environment or indoor air, like petroleum based products. Slate is naturally fire resistant and 100% recyclable. Old slate can be removed and reused for repairs and broken slate can be used as clean fill in landscaping.

"I recommend, without reservation, Rich Susca for the restoration of slate roofs and their underlying structural engineering. Though already highly experienced with slate roof structures, Rich Susca closely researched and documented the physical design of our roof, consulting original source materials relating to similar style roof construction in the late 19th/early 20th century in the UK. Under the management of Rich Susca, the result was outstanding! In addition, the project came in essentially within the original budget. "