AKA Snow Retention Systems.

Sudden and unexpected snow and ice sliding from a roof can be a serious hazard to people and property. A heavy snow slide could not only cause personal injury but could damage lower roofs, gutters, downspouts and foundation landscaping.

Snowguards are designed to minimize this damage by holding masses of snow and ice in place so that it will melt gradually into the gutters. Snowguards can also prevent the formation of icicles and potential leaks which will, in turn, increase the safety of the building and reduce potential liability claims.


Ice dams are the result of heat loss through the roof. They are formed when warm air escapes from the living spaces and melts the snow on the roof, the liquid travels down to the cold edge of the roof where it re-freezes into a dam. When more melting snow hits the dam it cannot run off the edge of the roof. The melted water has no place to go but back up under the roofing and then down the interior walls and ceilings.